Sunday, 19 October 2008

A New Day

As with many hurricanes the rains both during and in the months following Dolly have left us with significant flooding issues. Although the farm is well above flood level, receiving most of our rain for the year in a very short while has left the ground saturated beyond it's capacity to drain.

What ever else it may be life on the farm is a challenge. With each new day there are more tasks than humanly possible for 1 person to accomplish. The Last couple of weeks have been mainly filled with hard labor to extricate my dear little tractor from a bog of 'slow sand'.

I had been telling myself I was being lazy not getting out and mowing at the earliest opportunity and finally got my self in gear and started on this most time consuming task. When it rains and is warm here the grass can grow 6" a day, I kid you not! So off I go on my trusty tractor successfully plowing through the 4-6 foot high grass in multiple passes. As it would happen though just as I was turning she ran out of fuel. Very unfortunate since the fuel was a couple blocks away and by the time I had retrieved it and returned the tractor had begun sinking into the muck. ARGH! She has been stuck before so I figured I'd be able to get it out, but with the high soil saturation it continued to sink over night and the water of course went for the lowest point. So over the past weeks it has been a process of pumping out the water and digging to try and drain it away faster than the tractor has continued to sink. Not so sure I have been winning but I have no choice but to continue. Twice trying to pull it out with a 4x4 but even though it is light weight for a truck, not only has it been unable to pull out the tractor it has sunk into the ground in the firmest places available.

So My friends part of the reason for my absence and failure to post. But most importantly...:
I want to thank Ms Maisy from MC Chatter my dear friend for all of the love and attention she has given to my blog, it is through her efforts and diligence it is as lovely as it is. Not only a super person but a steller artist. Do check out her etsy stores and blog!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you so much corny :) I'm so glad you love the new look - it was my pleasure to do for you. xo