Monday, 4 August 2008

Treasury - winged creatures

Since hurricane Dolly, and with so much water on the farm, I have been besieged by mosquitoes the size of jackdaws! Fortunately, the winged creatures in my latest treasury are rather more beautiful, and friendlier to be around...
Click on the treasury for a larger view, or follow this Etsy link while it is still active:

Treasury - handle with care

My dear friends, you all know how I love my glass! This is one of my latest treasuries, featuring some super talented Etsy glass artists...
Click on the image for a more detailed version, or follow this Etsy link while it is still active:

Friday, 1 August 2008

My Etsy has many faces

I love to sculpt faces in glass and I have a few of my pieces in my Etsy shop at but I was delighted to take my love of faces and masks a step further when I curated this treasury... This is my compilation of some of the stunning masks created by other talented Etsy artists:-
(click for a more detailed view)
Follow this link to view the treasury on etsy while it is still active: