Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Dolly part 2

When the winds shift around and come from the south they are stronger, and on the ‘lighter’ side of the house, more glass less wood, but most of what is around me are fields, and whatever debris the storm produces on my property, shouldn’t be too dangerous,… crash… crash shudder… It is after 6pm, the wind is getting stronger, and it is getting darker. Hmm best to find something to do as the evening wears on. Sculpting in clay, will work, hang out make something and wait.

Now when you are in a big storm and can look out the window and watch the white close in and recede. The landscape around you be alternately revealed and obscured, see the rain falling and identify what caused the crash it is one thing. When the sun goes down and the dark becomes darker and you cannot see a thing inside or out, and then crashes against the window, which has a tendency to want to fall out often anyway, it is unclear if it is a branch or a limb or??? And there is nothing to do but sit or lay and listen, well it can make for a less than restful night. I did have the foresight, to place a large foam pillow on the far side of my bed between it and the closet and hallway so that should I need to duck and cover I would at least have a bit of padding. There were only 3 or 4 times in the night when I thought I might actually need them.

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